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Frameworks & Libraries: NodeJs,Express.Js,Android

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This is an android application on Clubs' event management System. This is an integrated platform for all people and event organisation. In this app, club members can create events and fill up various other important information regarding their event. Users, in this case, students can view all events created by the clubs and mark interested in those events which they want to attend.

Technologies used:Android,Firebase


  • Won 1st prize at Andy App-App Building Competition Organised at MRIU-Innoskill-2018.
  • 3rd Position and 1st category prize for IOT in HackBMU-24hr Hackathon held at BMU.
  • 3rd Prize in Innovative Startup Idea Presentation Competition organised by SMSE India.
  • Among top 10 teams in CodeOff Hackathon 2017
  • 1st Prize in Industrial Conclave 2018 , held at YMCAUST
  • 1st Prize in Inter District Quiz Competition held by Time Coaching Institute.
  • Won 1st Prize in Snaptastic Idea based photography event in Elements Culmyca 2017.

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