Code for YMCA

By Mohit Yadav | Sahil Singla |

Start time: Sun 24 Jun 2018 21:00
End time: Mon 25 Jun 2018 00:00
Venue: Online Event

Event Description

If you think code cadet was not the tough nut for you, then Manan presents you *Code for Ymca* So, gear up ur level because we are expecting an explosion of fierceness in it Check where you stand and boost up your competition level by participating in the contest and get a chance to win exciting prizes. Winner will get T-shirt sponsored by CODING BLOCKS. Furthermore we have goodies like discount coupons, pens, stickers, etc for "each participant" as well. Register now and you will be reminded on the day of the event via hackerearth ! Date : 24 June 18 Time : 9 pm onwards Registration link : For further details contact the coordinators- Mohit (+91 99538 84416) Sahil ( +91 87459 59048)



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